Pokemon Furry Comics of Lunaris Parukia

Here you will find my Pokemon furry comics!
So please click the images below to go to the respective Pokemon furry comics.
Still, please note that some Pokémorph comics can be works in progress.

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Ultra Casual Friday

Join the Shaymin siblings Shaymee Sakura and her brother Noa Sakura on Ultra Casual Friday.
This is a day of school unlike any other where everyone doesn’t have to wear clothes.
But how shall this day go?

First Mission

When an Eevee belonging to Team Rocket steals a valuable item, Yami gives chase!
Follow the ninja Absol Gin-iro no Yami when she tries to bring this criminal to justice!


This is a really old comic of Manaphy from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky.
When she wants a Gummi but doesn’t have money, she will try to get it through alternative means.

So far, comics have been a challenging outing for me.
In the beginning I did not feel confident. However, once I tried it out, I discovered a new area for me to explore.

Unfortunately, it appears most of my old comics may have been lost to the passage of time.
In fact, I am unsure if I attempted Pokemon furry comics between Goomi and First Mission.
Nevertheless, First Mission was my first serious attempt at a comic.
Due to a comic artist inspiring me to stop worrying, I just tried it out.
Afterward, I felt like I was capable of more than I realized.

So if you want to make a comic but are being held back by your worries, just try it out! Who knows, you might end up surprisig yourself as a result!

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