Commission Information

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a commission with me!
Here you will find my commission information and prices.
Filthy arts at a reasonable price!

If you would like to commission me, please contact me on the following sites:

Twitter | Furaffinity | Inkbunny | Mastodon | SoFurry | Weasyl | FurryNetwork | Picarto

Here you can see a slideshow of previous commissioned works:

Emote – €7.99

An emote of your choice.
Order in bulk for a discount.

Please take max image dimensions in mind for the chat services you use.

Digital – €49.99

2nd Character +€24.99

Digital artwork of a character of your choice with a simple background.

Digital + Background – €59.99+

2nd Character +€24.99

Digital artwork of a character with a background of your choice.
Final price depends on the complexity of the background.

Commission Terms of Services

These are the Commission Terms of Service:

Legal Age

You have to be at least of the legal age of 18 to order a commission.

Pricing and Payment

Please note that the listed prices are in Euros, so please make sure you are transferring Euros and not in a different currency.

After I confirm your payment as received, I will then work on your commission. The person who first commissioned something will also have their commission made first.

Exceptions of Subjects

There are some things I will not draw, and there is a list on the bottom of this page.


When ordering a fully colored image, I will show the sketch first and then work on coloring it after your approval.
Approval on any other step of the process requires an additional payment because of the resulting longer production time.

Post-production Changes

Please specify what you want as much as possible. For the things not specified or shown in reference sheets, I will improvise.
When I show the sketch, you may make up to three (3) changes, and unable to make changes once the colored artwork is in production.
However, I will still make changes if I made mistakes in case I missed a detail in a reference sheet for example.
Any further changes will require an additional payment because of the resulting longer production time.

Caveat of Character Ownership

I do not design characters for commissions. You may also not make the commissioned work into a character. I only draw established characters of which visual artwork already exists of. Unless the commissioned work is of your already visually established character, you may not use the subject of the commission for any other reason than to display. In this case, I keep full rights to the subject of the commissioned work and may reuse the design at any time of my choosing, without limit.

If you own visually established elements of a design, you will still retain ownership of those elements only. I will retain full ownership of the rest of the design. I will also not use the visually established elements you own without permission.

In short, the designs I create are mine, I will be able to use the design for any purpose at any time without limit and you will not be able to use the character design for anything other than the purpose of displaying the commissioned work, unless you have full referential artwork of your established character. I will also never claim ownership of established characters of other people.

Spreading Payment

If you order a sketch and later on decide to want it colored, the cost of the sketch will be subtracted from the price of the colored work. However, there will be a fee of an additional €0.50 to cover transfer fees.

Discount Policy & Changes to Commission Offers

Commission items may be added at any time, and discounts may also occur at any time. I will not issue a refund if an item gets added or a discount occurs shortly after your purchase.


I also retain the right to turn down or cancel any commission for any reason including no reason. Furthermore I do not have to specify a reason. In any case of a cancellation I will issue a refund for any and all incomplete work.
If the sketch has already been completed, I will also not refund the cost of the sketch.

Posting a Commissioned Work

I retain the right to publish your commissioned artwork for public viewing, portfolios and/or as promotional material on any given site.
Furthermore your commissioned artwork will not be removed upon request.
I also retain the right to remove your commissioned artwork from public view if I desire to do so.

When you post your commissioned artwork, please provide proper credit to me (Lunaris Parukia), as well as providing a link to the original image I posted.

You may not upload or display your commission artwork anywhere before I uploaded it myself to Furaffinity, Inkbunny, SoFurry, Weasyl, FurryNetwork, and Twitter, unless given express permission.
To make sure you’ve read everything in here, please message me the sentence “Through fire, justice is served” when ordering a commission.

Loss of Commissioned Files

I will not be held responsible in the event you lose access in any way, shape or form to your commissioned artwork.
You may request for me to resend your commissioned artwork in case of its loss. However, I cannot promise that I will keep your commissioned artwork in storage. Please make sure to store your commissioned artwork in a safe location, and create backups.

Usage of Commissions

You may not post a commissioned artwork for the purpose of spreading hate, defamation, slander, ridicule, trolling, claiming as having it made yourself, damage, promotion of illegal activities and/or other problematic behavior.

Quality of Commission

The artwork in my galleries are a good indication of what to expect.
You are also expected to know what to expect and not to set unrealistic standards based on the artwork in my galleries. I may also not offer refunds for costumer dissatisfaction if your commissioned artwork is similar in terms of quality of my artwork in my galleries.

Emote Commission

For emote commissions, I will not offer a refund if the message service displays the commissioned emote as too small for your liking. Please be aware that the details of the emote might be lost when shrunk. In order to preserve as much detail as possible, I recommend cropping the emote. You will also have to crop it yourself.

General Commission Terms

Please note that these terms are subject to change without warning, but changes will not be effective for ongoing commissions.

By making a purchase, you will automatically accept the Commission Terms of Service by default.

You are expected to know and fully understand the Commission Terms of Service.

Things I Don’t Draw

  • Abuse
  • Association with extreme beliefs
  • Association with hate groups and/or terrorists
  • Babies
  • C&B Torture
  • Certain Pokémorph species
  • Death (Not the same as undead characters)
  • Diaper
  • Fat (Including chubby)
  • Feral
  • Gassing
  • Gore
  • Hyper
  • Inflation
  • Pain (Light BDSM and spanking is fine)
  • Rape/noncon
  • Scat
  • Self-harm
  • Substance Abuse
  • Suffering
  • Unbirthing
  • Vore
  • Watersports
  • Your OCs having sex with mine
  • Rape/noncon
  • Scat
  • Self-harm
  • Substance Abuse
  • Suffering
  • Unbirthing
  • Vore
  • Watersports
  • Your OCs having sex with mine

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