Hello! I am Lunaris Parukia, the artist behind all the artwork you see on this site~!

Despite most of my work already being on the typical furry art sites, I wanted to create my own site to host my artwork.

Now what does this site have over the other sites I post my art on?
Well, not all content are allowed on each of those sites. It has always annoyed me how my artwork was more or less all over the place in order to comply to the regulations.
But now I have my own site, I can keep everything in one place!
I have even uploaded some artwork on here I never uploaded anywhere else, too!

Why Pokémorphs?

I guess the easy answer is that it’s my main fetish, but the reality is that my passion for Pokémorphs goes beyond the sexual aspect.
I cannot even fathom why, but the moment I laid my eyes on an artist named G-Sun’s Pokémorph artwork, an insane resolve befell me. I decided to devote my life to drawing Pokémorphs. It is simply my single biggest passion.
And 12 years later, today, I’m still aiming to become the best Pokémorph artist ever. It is my big dream.

And while I still have a long way to go, I hope I can count on your support~!